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BTS(Bangtan Boys)’s ‘Dark & Wild’ review


BTS (Bangtan Boys) has only been around a year but have come a long way. Since their début last year, it has been EP after EP. Now, the group finally comes out with their first full length album, “Dark&Wild”.


BTS is back with another charismatic comeback. ” Danger” suits their ‘bad boy’ image. Starting out with a dance break at the start of the song, the boys display the coordination that I don’t have. My favorite segment of the song has to be the chorus. It gives goose bumps every time. Just some thing about their voices sound really attractive and nice to hear. “Danger” is decorated with beautifully done singing, falsetto and fantastic rapping. Check out the MV below!


BTS, throughout their career so far, has stuck to a hip hop and R&B feel and this album is no different. As their first full length album, it did well showcasing the groups’ talents. What makes their albums different from others is the amount of presentation. All of their albums so far, have an intro, a “BTS Cypher”, and an outro.  It’s as if their albums are stories, each relating to their own theme. For example, their first EPs were all tied into their school theme. BTS has done well so far, despite being in the K-Pop scene for only a year and I look forward to their future projects.

Something to Remember

Now you have to remember that these reviews are purely opinionated. I am no musical expert that can give real critiques but I can give my honest opinion and also what I found interesting about the song.

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Got7 2nd Mini Album ‘A’

Got7 have been really busy this year. I mean, they only debuted earlier this year with ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and now they’re already coming back with their second mini album, Got <3 (Got Love).

Track 1: U Got Me

I found the title of this song kind of ironic. There are 7 members all saying that we got them. We are some lucky people, aren’t we? Anyway, the song starts out with a strong bass and a unique yet satisfying drum sound that is like a mix between someone clucking their tongue and one of these-

I think my grandparents have one of these at their house.

The song is filled with smooth vocals and rapping from the members creating slow and soothing hip-hop feeling.

Track 2: A

The next track of the album is ‘A’ which was composed and produced by JYP himself. It features a hip-hop rhythm, with an R&B twist.

It starts out with nice English lyrics that I can actually understand; “It’s not working. So stop fronting. I know you want me so let’s start talking.” So, yay for English lyrics. Although I do know that the title of this song, ‘A’, is a Korean saying that you use when you’re trying to tease someone who is trying to hide their feelings but it can’t really be hidden.  It also can’t be hidden that this song is kind of addicting to listen to. With the different elements of music to emphasize the vocals and rapping, like the short orchestral part in the middle of the song that helps the feeling of the innocence of the crush and the “faze in” beats when new members sing, this song has caught my attention.

‘A’, the title track of the album, does not have just one remix it has three, so if you didn’t hear the first ‘A’ you can fall in love with the three remixes.

Track 3: Bad Behavior

What really drew me to this song were the harmonies throughout the song. It created an interesting feeling to the song itself. With the steady beat and great harmonies and vocal, this was one of the most unique songs I have listened to in a hip-hop/ R&B genre.

 Track 4: Good Tonight

This is my personal favorite in this album. The song starts out with catchy guitar rhythm but a sudden beat comes in. I just feel that the way that the lyrics were sang and presented were perfect for this song. The way that this group sings is with a lot of swag. Swag is a strange way to describe it but it’s true and definitely how this song needed to sung.

Track 5: Forever Young

For this song, the group brings it down for a slow hip-hop ballad. I feel that the raps really fit for this song; with their calm and deep voices, it was a good fit for a slow song like this one. A slow and steady beat with a deep rapping voice was perfect for this song.


Overall, I really liked this album. I thought is was really well put together and gave you the right mix of different styles of hip-hop and R&B songs. I look forward to what they’ll have for us next. Great job Got7 and good luck!

Something to Remember

Now you have to remember that these reviews are purely opinionated. I am no musical expert that can give real critiques but I can give my honest opinion and also what I found interesting about the song.

*And all rights to the pictures go to the rightful owners*