Meet: 2014 July Independence Invitational

Okay, so this weekend I had a long course invitational. It was the first long course (50 meter pool) meet I went to this season.

I had three events:

  1. 200 IM

I was REALLY tired on this one. I thought I was going to die of exhaustion… But in the end I got 5th place in my heat… out of 8 lanes.. haha. When I went to go talk to my coach, she said that I needed to put my head down on my fly and my breaststroke.

So, I’m going to give some advice to you so that you can improve. When swimming fly, you want to get your head up, so you can breath, before your hands are in front of you.

If you look at this pic of Michael Phelps (meow~ those back muscles tho), his head is up and looking forward before his hands are even past his shoulders.

Fly instruction

Your head should be in the water before your hands enter the water. Also, make sure that your head is below your arms when they are in front of you.

head down

Like this. Phelps’ head is down and his hands aren’t in front of him yet. (TBH, I can’t tell what he’s swimming right now. But it gets the point across that his head is down before his hands >.<)

Breaststroke is also similar to this. When you’re gliding, your head must be below your arms, like in fly. It may feel a bit awkward because you are going to be looking straight down, but it helps you a lot. This is usually my downfall in breaststroke. I don’t put my head down low enough and it creates drag. It slows me down a lot. I could be way ahead in my heat but when breaststroke comes, my competitors are already right next to me.

200 Back

I actually did okay for this event. I executed perfectly and I did well on my walls. In the end I got 3rd in my heat.. which was heat 2 but that’s ok. My splits weren’t bad either. They were 38, 43, 43, 40. Which isn’t bad, but isn’t really that good yet.

For back, you want to roll your shoulders as much as you can. My past coach always used to tell me to do that, and I always wished I had thanked him for that before he left. But you definitely do not want to swim flat because it doesn’t give you as much reach and it also doesn’t make you faster.

back instruction

Missy Franklin does a great job on rolling. Much better than me. In this picture, you can actually see that her shoulder is out of the water before her hands are. Rolling your shoulders really helps in back, especially if you’re doing a distance event. It uses less energy but still provides a lot of power in your stroke.

I know for me, I don’t take advantage of the walls. But it really helps! You have the strength of the wall to push you out really far. Holding your breath for just a few seconds underwater really makes a difference.

50 Free

I did alright on this one. Um… I really don’t know what to say on this one…. GO ALL OUT! It’s only a fifty, so, only about thirty seconds of pain and then it’s done. Personally, I think that the start is really important. It’s the only push off you have when you’re in a long course pool. If it was short course, then it would be slightly different because you have a wall at the other side. But, in long course, there is none for 50 Free. And that also causes you to go a slower time than your 50 in short course.

For example, my times:

50 meter long course: 31.40

(IDK my meter time)

50 yard short course: 26.86

So, again, take advantage of the walls! It really helps.

I did okay. I didn’t beat any of my seed times but I honestly expected that. Before this meet I hadn’t set foot in a long course pool this season so I guess I wasn’t used to the length yet. Honestly, I was very tired in most of my races. Don’t worry, I’m determined to improve my long course times!

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