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“The Devil is a Part-Timer” Anime Reveiw


Satan is the King of demons and his goal is to conquer the world. But when he is almost over-run and defeated by Hero Emilia, he and his loyal general, Alsiel, escape to modern Japan. However, because of the lack of magic on Earth, Alsiel and Satan, now known as Sadao Mao, are transformed into human appearances. In order to survive, Mao takes up a part-time job at MgRonalds, a fast food franchise. He soon meets the Hero Emilia, known as Emi Yusa on Earth, who had followed him in order to finally defeat Mao.

Plot- 8/10

The plot was something that I would have never thought of. Though some parts were a bit slow, this anime is definitely one that has you wanting more. It also has me waiting for the second season, whenever that may be!

Characters- 8/10

I truly love these characters. Not only are they drawn really well, they also have such memorable personalities that can make you laugh out loud. I fell in love with each and everyone of the characters because of their personalities.

Soundtrack- 9/10

This soundtrack really knows how to enhance the emotions of the scenes. I really thought that the timing and the emotion put into each of the tracks were really good and really drew you into the anime even more. It really made the anime better in the sense of the feeling and emotional attachement.

Overall- 8.33/10

I really loved this anime. I was really attached to the characters and loved them dearly. If you are looking for an anime that has action, comedy and fantasy all mixed into a modern society, then this is the anime for you!

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