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BTS(Bangtan Boys)’s ‘Dark & Wild’ review


BTS (Bangtan Boys) has only been around a year but have come a long way. Since their début last year, it has been EP after EP. Now, the group finally comes out with their first full length album, “Dark&Wild”.


BTS is back with another charismatic comeback. ” Danger” suits their ‘bad boy’ image. Starting out with a dance break at the start of the song, the boys display the coordination that I don’t have. My favorite segment of the song has to be the chorus. It gives goose bumps every time. Just some thing about their voices sound really attractive and nice to hear. “Danger” is decorated with beautifully done singing, falsetto and fantastic rapping. Check out the MV below!


BTS, throughout their career so far, has stuck to a hip hop and R&B feel and this album is no different. As their first full length album, it did well showcasing the groups’ talents. What makes their albums different from others is the amount of presentation. All of their albums so far, have an intro, a “BTS Cypher”, and an outro.  It’s as if their albums are stories, each relating to their own theme. For example, their first EPs were all tied into their school theme. BTS has done well so far, despite being in the K-Pop scene for only a year and I look forward to their future projects.

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Now you have to remember that these reviews are purely opinionated. I am no musical expert that can give real critiques but I can give my honest opinion and also what I found interesting about the song.

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“Into the Woods” to become a movie this Christmas

I’ve always loved Into the Woods as a child. I first watched the Broadway cast of 1987 with Bernadette Peters on Netflix and I loved it. I watched it again recently this year and I had no idea that it had such humor. But when I saw the trailer for it on Youtube, I just had to check it out.

It’s being produced by Disney so I going to assume that they are going to take out some of the original scenes from the Broadway to make it a little bit more “family friendly”. However, the trailer did seem dark for a movie that was Disney.  It stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, and Anna Kendrick. I’m really looking forward to how Disney is going to portray Into the Woods this Christmas. Check out the trailer below!

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Congrats to “Red Velvet” for releasing their debut song, “Happiness”!

Red Velvet finally debuts with the song “Happiness”. I don’t know about all of you, but I am so happy for this group. Any group that debuts has to go through intense training and I think that through their debut and the rest of their career, the years of training really pay off. So, congratulations to “Red Velvet” who have gone through the hardships and now get to debut! Please take a look at their Music Video!

This wasn’t a song that stuck in my head right away, but after a few listens, its a nice listen.  I hope you all enjoy it as well!

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